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This site explores how animals use their 'peripheral senses' to see, hear, and smell.

The English term 'peripheral vision' describes how humans absent mindedly use this way of sensing in a secondary manner, while focusing straight ahead, for example when driving.

We need clear words to think clearly. The French term: 'la vision panoramique' clarifies how when animals use their eyes in this way, visual accuity is equal throughout their entire field of vision. (Extra notes onTerminology)

INTRODUCTION: How i started getting interested in panoramic sensing
Buddhism: The Third Truth and The Middle Way

Chapter One - The practical usage and effects of the individual panoramic senses
Seeing: Going on the Lookout
Listening: The Simple Sense of Now

And the i started getting interested in empathy with animals sense of their body from the inside.

Mindfulness of Breathing, Smelling and Tasting

Animals have two ways of using their senses, focused and panoramic.
The primary use of focusing is for doing and getting.
The primary use of the panoramic mode is for staying safe.

There are many different usages and special applications of the panoramic mode, from daydreaming while walking - to the martial arts, i touch on these subjects later. My 'focus' is only the pure form without any form of focusing within the panoramic fields, or any movement: empathy with animals when they 100% on the lookout.

From this experience it becomes clear that focusing and panoraming are completely distinct and different ways of sensing. They are not opposites, maybe not even a balance, but they are different perspectives, a different experience of what is happening in life, and of how life actually happens.

The Two Modes Of Sensing
The Values and Benefits of Panoramic Sensing

I think the force and clarity of the different perspective on life will only be fully obvious to people after they've experienced it. And it will be easier to experience and just do it a few times, than it is to explain it. so please try out the exercises.

I am a human and humans love thinking and finding explanations and philosophies about the purpose and reason of life ... and it should be possible to describe at least some aspects of the different usages and advantages. Maybe someone later will combine it all in the 'big picture'.

The experience that Desire and Repetitions are Dependent on Focusing is the basis of Chapter Two: (a new perspective on) How our Human Survival Strategy has reached breaking point .