As individuals and as cultures, we focus on and repeat what gives us security or pleasure. The ideas and actions we repeat are our focus points in life. But repetitions keep repeating, that is their nature, and it's the exponential speed of the repetitions on all levels – from greed and exploiting our environment, to population explosion and closed minded extremism – which are causing the problems in the world today. We are overfocusing.

And panoramic sensing is the fundamental cure and balance for what's happening in the world today.

Why? Because panoramic sensing is the natural, tried and tested balance for focusing, and the most effective cure for overfocusing. Animals know they would die if they overfocus.

How? Because it has nothing to do with repetitious wanting. The senses and thoughts can only want and lead to wanting when they are focusing.

Animals use their panoramic senses to stay alive and be safe, and to want nothing more than just that. The only thing panoramic sensing leads to, if it is pleasurable, is more panoramic sensing.

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