Pleasure and wanting lead to repetitions. Even the smallest want, leads to some form of memory and repetition of the idea, and then probably an actual repetition. Once the wheels start turning, then they turn with their own karmic momentum. Repetition binds us to Karma.

Attachments, karma, craving, clinging, suffering, (closed mindedness, greed, etc.) are all possible consequences of the repetitions.

Buddhism teaches us how to be free of Karma, or how to free of repetitions.

Buddha's Middle Way is a way between the two extremes of sensual indulgence and sensory withdrawal. Panoramic sensing is a way of using the senses which fulfills these requirements perfectly.

Panoramic sensing temporarily interrupts all sensory desire and wanting, it avoids the pleasure which leads to wanting more, it neutralises the repetitions. The only thing panoramic sensing leads to, if it is pleasurable, is more panoramic sensing.

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