As individuals and as cultures, we focus on and repeat what gives us security or pleasure. Focusing lies at the basis of the system of learning and repeating, ideas and actions. Without focusing we couldn't learn anything.

It's taken thousands of years for our modern culture to develop. Focusing and repetitious habitual ruts are essential to life, without them individually and culturally, we would still be wallowing in the mud.

But repetitions always repeat, repetitions are always self-perpetuating, that is their nature. And with time they build up exponentially or cause a backlog, due to the ever-increasing complexity and conflicting directions between all the different repetitions.

And the point is, that repetitious wanting is based on focusing. There's nothing wrong with focusing, learning, and repeating in moderation, but it's become excessive, and obsessive. Closed mindedness, greed, conceit, etc. are all natural consequences of the repetitive trend inherent in wanting, getting, and having.

We are overfocusing and the speed of the repetitions is alarming. There is nothing slowing them down - 'progress', new developments, exploiting our environment, inflation/debt, and population explosion.

This exponential trend seems to be everywhere.

Animals use their panoramic senses, whenever they want to stop focusing. Receptive panoramic awareness is the natural balance to focusing and the cure to overfocusing.

A Buddhist Perspective
Buddhism offers another explanation of repetitions and their exponential nature.

The senses or thoughts can only lead to repetitious wanting and wordly desire when they are focusing and we experience pleasure. This is an unorthodox interpretation of Buddhism. This is explained in full in the Buddhist Section.

The Buddhist pages also show how panoramic sensing is part of Buddha's Middle Way (another unorthodox interpretation). And from this perspective it is the basic cure and balance for what's happening in the world today. The only thing panoramic sensing leads to, if it is pleasurable, is more panoramic sensing.

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(There are two important practical areas of the exponential repetitions which i don't fully understand and would like your ideas on, in The Population Explosion and Inflation on the next subpage.)

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