The Exponential Repetitions

It's the speed of the repetitions which is so exponential at present, ... and this includes exploiting our environment to population explosion ... that the prime truths of Buddhism are significant today, and more essential to understand correctly, than they ever were.

Broadband sensing seems to me to be the BASIC cure for what's happening culturally in the world today.

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The following section is a development of the previous essays - it is in note form - written as ideas occur - it is not in a finished form - it may be hard to read.

From Buddhism and Wheels "The origin of Dukkha is the ever increasing complexity, and conflicting directions between all the different types of repetition."

Comparison of an individual person's short timeline, and a culture's timeline.

For the first years of a healthy innocent child's life, the wheel gets broken in, the repetitions increase the Sukkha, and life is fun. Over time, people and wheels (and cultures) meet bumps on the road, develop tensions, weaknesses, have traumas. This can happen at any time in life, and is only very loosely related to actual age, but generally as the wheels get older and used, tensions and weaknesses show, all the conflicting repetitious wants (intentions) appear and things get Dukkha. ... And it's as though our culture reached adulthood, but not maturity, around the 1600s - 1900s.

So, individuals have to contain themselves, repress feelings, and just get on with work and children, but it seems our cuture is unable to contain all the different things it wants, ... unable to be a responsible adult.

This life form - 'our culture' - in it's confusion, it is desperate for answers, ways to go, things to believe in, needing strong solid focus points ... leading to the polarised attitudes of extreme right and left opinions ... the conspiracy theories and lies which it seems some people are happy to identify with and feel confirmed by ... an exaggerated mental image, to compensate for the inner feeling of unfulfillment ... exaggerated ideas make ideal focal points - they satisfy our need for direction and sense of purpose.

I heard of the cunning needed by Native American tribes, whose initiation rites these days no longer involve killing animals (they're too precious) but stalking them and pulling hairs or feathers from their tails ... We don't want to kill it, or hurt it - this new life form - 'our culture' - like any precious life form - needs coaxing with fascinating tricks and all our cunning.

I wish i was more cunning - but i feel i need the skills and talents of a tribe, to track this modern human animal ... and find out exactly where it is now, where it's going, and then how to win it's trust and tame it. Have you any ideas?

Self-reproduction may be part of a broader meaning in the idea of rebith which is relevant to present population increase ... our desire to produce an image of ourselves in our children - is a form of self-perpetuating repetition ... added to a million years of child deaths, repressed in our cultural memory - this was sure to become an explosive situation! ...

I often hear parents, saying their children are all they are really going to leave behind - theyre the only real things we've really got - thats the magic of children - they've got us in them ... what does this all mean? ... if people had more stability in their own self image, would they need less children?

Money and Population
For some readers the connection between population and big money might not be clear, (and better explanations will follow). Let's imagine there was suddenly half as many people in the world. There would be half as many farmers, small traders, and eaters, so they all wouldn't be affected much. But the big corporations, the supermarkets and car dealers and internet traders, would make half as much money, - so big corporations have a vested interest in increased population, but still, that's not so spectacular.

But with so many empty houses, the housing market would collapse, the building trade and Landlords. In 1970 every month i paid 15 pounds for food and 8 for rent. Now i pay 150 for food and 500 for rent. The cost of buildings and rent is probably the key driving force in inflation. Landlords would lose enormously and exponentially.

In ancient cultures, the leaders were often the ones who gave the most to their tribe ... did they have status but not primarily wealth? The increased population was previously desired by rulers for power and wars etc.- when was the change? ... Was it to do with when 'interest on money lent' became the central cause of inflation? When shares and modern banking started .. in the 1800s?

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