Structure of Part Two
The Anthropological Timeline is an objective, scientifically researched, timeline of the ever increasing pace of life, the velocity of change and development, throughout our earth's history.

Then, The Human Survival Strategy gives a short summary of the first two essays.

In The Amazing Development of Focusing, i describe all practical and abstract ways we have developed our focusing abilities, and the consequent development of beliefs (Gods to focus on) which led to security and pleasure for cultures and individuals.

And we repeated the habitual ruts which gave us security and pleasure.

Then in Beliefs and Their Confirmation, how the lack of mutual confirmation for our multiplicity of beliefs in modern times, leads to a background insecurity, (regardless our 20th century material security).

This leads us to Displacement Activity. The illness animals suffer when they feel insecure, and how they compensate with habitual but inappropriate, sometimes self-destructive activities.

We humans also compensate with our habitual behaviour, we overfocus. Greed, egoism, conceit, and closed mindedness are all examples of overfocusing.

And then comes The Exponential Repetitions. The exponential acceleration of life (the rat race which has become the new normal). And it's the speed of the repetitions on all levels – cultural, environmental, financial, self-reproductive – from greed and exploiting our environment, to population explosion and closed minded extremism – which are causing the problems in the world today.

This all leads us to a rather depressing picture of life, which i'm afraid is true! But, not wanting to make your day abysmal, i close with a short reminder of the resolution.

The Resolution
Panoramic sensing is the fundamental balance for what's happening in the world today.

Why? Because panoramic sensing is the natural, tried and tested, most effective counter balance for focusing and the cure for overfocusing. Animals would die without it.

How? Because it has nothing to do with repetitious wanting. The senses and thoughts can only want or lead to wanting, when they are focusing.

Animals use their panoramic senses to stay alive and be safe, and to want nothing more than just that. The only thing panoramic sensing leads to, if it is pleasurable, is more panoramic sensing.

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