With our early education in focused sensing and concentrated abstract thought, we have neglected at least two aspects of our basic animal abilities. An awareness of how our body feels from the inside, and our panoramic sense of the world. They are both basic to every animals survival, and part of our heritage. Both are parts of our human potential, ways of of being a complete human being, experiencing life as a whole, and feeling wholesome.

My primary aim has been to describe what i know about panoramic sensing.

Our sub-cultures are already rich in basic body awareness exercises. These mostly involve feeling inside the body with the sense of touch, and breathing meditations. But in addition to touch, an animals sense of their world is experienced and understood by smelling, tasting, listening, and seeing.

Animals feel the outside world far more with all their five basic physiological senses, than with any abstract thoughts or so-called facts. It seems obvious that they also experience and understand their own bodies in terms of these senses.

Our New Gurus : Animals and Children
I find it relatively easy to rationalise some of the effects of panoramic sensing. And, since these modern times of x-rays and biology books about our inner body, we could also find a consensus of opinion about our experience of inner touch, even the visualisation of touch.

But it is not easy or maybe it's impossible to rationalise how it feels to see, hear, smell, and taste the body from the inside. I believe it can only be understood by experience. I try to describe this inner body experience of smelling, tasting, and listening in Chapter 7 : Inner Body Awareness. But any individual or group of adults could easily start deluding themselves about how this feels.

I don't want to get involved in theories or anything unnatural, anything an innocent animal wouldn't feel. So, there are a number of questions i would love to ask animals about how it really feels. The next best source of first hand information is: We need a consensus of opinion from small children : where does the breath go in your body? Where do smells go in your body? What can you taste in your body? ... etc. ...

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