This site isn't trying to prove to anyone that there's a God. This site is interested in helping people find a sense of balance.

What you want to focus on, is totally up to you and your priorities. I personally want God. This part of the essays may be only of interest to others with similar priorities.

There is so much chaotic and prejudiced information around on religion and God  – it's not surprising that some people are allergic to spiritual ideas.

God and Gods in previous times and cultures united a tribe. These days all the multiplicity of beliefs fracture our culture. I'm wanting to help demystify the subject, and show points of unity.

God is a very powerful focal point.
The panoramic senses are evolution's tried and tested balance for all focused activities.
How can they be used to help us find God?

Is There a God?
This is such a vast subject, i want to simplify it.

For me, God is the great creative energy. The word 'God' is the short word we use in our culture to describe that.

I like the modern scientific idea : if there is nothingness for infinite eternities, sometime a singularity will occurr (the big bang theory), and this sets off a chain reaction. This means we're all part of the same thing ... and this same thing i call the great creative spirit, it's the everything.

Because everything is in some way connected with everything else, the great energies somehow coordinate it all, and make sense of the big picture.

So, if there is an ultimate or eternal energy, which is so big and omnipresent, and makes sense of everything, and connects everything, then why is it so difficult for humans to get in touch with it?

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