The Panoramic way of sensing is another way of experiencing and understanding life.
It's another way of sensing God.

'Training' or 'Taming the monkey mind', is an expression often used in meditation circles. Let's ignore the monkey mind for a while, and try taming the hedgehog.

This is such a vast subject, and an exceptional one. I need ideas and discussion with other people here. The following are a few starting notes.

Panoramic sensing is another way of sensing - experiencing - and understanding God.

There are so many ways of worshipping God, ... gardening and nursing ... almost anything can be used as a form of worship. And all these focused activities can be balanced by periodic panoramic sensing.

If you look for God in nature, manifest in our immediate environment, you are probably focusing on trees clouds, bird song etc. Sensing in a panoramic way is another dimension, why limit our sensory appreciation of God?

Panoramic sensing is a practical, and natural way of starting the 'oneness-process'.

The Unifying Experience with panoramic seeing was explained in Going on the Lookout. This is of great significance. In The Simple Sense of Now i explain how sensing the movements and changes happening now, neutralises thinking and wanting.

Even for those people who have no spiritual belief, it is a first step to feeling connected, balanced, and even contented. And for those who believe in a God, we can make the first step by being now, silencing our thoughts, and feeling intimately connected with our immediate environment. It's not eternity, but maybe it's a door.

Religion, Godheads and beliefs are such strong focus points, and worship is such an intense form of focusing. Disciples of truth and peace, usually focus on something pure and holy - with our senses opened or closed, we focus on images, mantras, or prayers. But by closing our senses and leaving our minds at the mercy of abstract thought, we are far more likely to get distracted by mundane thoughts and wants.

Throughout evolution the combination of panoramic awareness with any focused activity was fundamental to the balance in life. I'm suggesting we have lost this balance in life, in all that we do, including the search for Oneness or God.

Focusing is necessary - especially with any higher aims and purposes, but then it seems especially important to remain balanced and open minded. Higher aims and beliefs can so easily become closed minded, and even if they are right and good, if they are closed minded they are defeating what they hope to acheive.

The Present Bottom Line
The present bottom line for me seems to be: Even though we can ask this great energy for help anytime – it can't take care of every individual part of the big picture, all the time.

Lots can only be done by "the grace of God". And if we want help or forgiveness, then we need that from something greater than us. But to be still inside and now, and stop all the pointless abstract thinking, that's up to us to do. And the easiest, most direct way to do this, is by panoramic sensing.

Contact with others interested in developing these ideas is welcome.

(A special note here for the Quakers, whose naive communal waiting, seems the most precious fruits of the reformation).

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