Chapter Six
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This section is purely for people who are already interested in body awareness. There are already tomes of literature recommending the value of Inner body awareness. They are already written about in far greater depth than i could cover. However, there are many points which broadband sensing and empathy with animals has opened up for me.

You've probably practiced internal body awareness with your inner sense of touch, maybe visualisations, you might like to try listening, smelling, and tasting.

temporary title
semi-conventional dozing

To start with a semi-conventional approach to 'dozing'. This is a collection of methods i've used over the years.

Body and Breathing Awareness - 795 words
My Childhood Experiences

How to Start Dozing - 989
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NOW ! CHAOS WARNING! - welcome to the most disorganised part of this site. - this can't be done quickly. I will probably be organising this section last. Maybe 2023. All the following essays are slowly finding a new form. Please first read the essays explaining the Broadband Senses.

temporary title
dozing or a guess at the inner body awareness of animals

I want first to recognise that there are many dimensions of combining inner body awareness with devotional practices which are far more powerful and sucessful methods of inner awareness. For example : breathing in the great spirit or letting it breathe me.

In these modern times, our culture generally doesn't 'trust in God'. Often even those people who acknowledge a great spirit, are not subordinate to it, let alone with a feeling of belonging to it. This seems to be a natural stage in our culture's development.

My contribution to the subject of inner body awareness fits with our culture's development; i will only explore how i imagine animals use their physiological listening, smelling, tasting, and visualisation abilities. Creative, devotional methods are left purely to individual choice.


I'm not saying that i can empathise well with how animals feel. It's just that after 50 yrs of doing meditation like things, the physical senses of taste, smell, hearing, and seeing, opened up a whole new perspective on meditation, and on life in general.

Tasting, smelling, listening, and visualisation, all stimulate different aspects of inner body awareness.

It is impossible to prove if or how animals use their senses to feel identity and the reality of their bodies while they are peacefully dozing. This is a subject which adult humans could completely misinterpret - it can be influenced by all sorts of weird imaginations.

I don't want to get involved in theories or anything unnatural, anything an innocent animal wouldn't feel. So, there are a number of questions where i feel our entire culture needs a consensus of opinion from small children : where does the breath go in your body? Where do smells go in your body? What can you taste in your body? ... etc. ... to guide us, to help us find natural ways to develop our inner body awareness.

You are welcome to do whatever you imagine it feels like for animals.

Questions and Games for Children - 547

Our modern self-identity is our outward appearance. Since mirrors became easily available around the 1850s, and now, the modern cell phone, we have inadvertently supressed our inner body awareness.

It is pointless for anyone to jump straight to the end! please don't waste your time.
It is Essential to first read all the Smelling and Tasting Exercises
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