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dozing or a guess at the inner body awareness of animals

Theory Summary:
Animals feel their world much more with their senses than with their abstract thoughts. I follows that they also experience and understand their own bodies in terms of these senses

Tasting, smelling, listening, and visualisation, all stimulate different aspects of inner body awareness

The problem with internet vs. a book is that people tend to jump into the middle and rush to the end. The end points, about Dozing, are extras. My areas of expertise are only the panoramic senses.

Please first read the essays explaining the Panoramic Senses.

The following essays have not yet been restructured.

My experiments with 'dozing' are with seeing, listening, smelling and tasting inside the body. It is impossible to prove if or how animals use their senses to feel identity and the reality of their bodies while they are peacefully dozing. This is a subject which adult humans could completely misinterpret - it can be influenced by all sorts of weird imaginations.

I don't want to get involved in theories or anything unnatural, anything an innocent animal wouldn't feel. So, there are a number of questions where i feel our entire culture needs a consensus of opinion from small children : where does the breath go in your body? Where do smells go in your body? What can you taste in your body? ... etc. ... to guide us, to help us find natural ways to develop our inner body awareness.

You are welcome to do whatever you imagine it feels like for animals.


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Broadband Body Awareness - 140
Body and Breathing Awareness - 795
How to Start Dozing - 989

Listening Inside and Seeing with Closed Eyes - 303
How to Doze Deeply - 1,267

There are so many dimensions of combining inner body awareness with devotional practices. For example : breathing in the great spirit or letting it breathe me. They are probably far more powerful and sucessful methods of inner awareness. My contribution is only in terms of the physiological senses.

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