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How Animals Practice Mindfulness

This site explores how animals use their 'peripheral senses' to see, hear, and smell; and how this influences their experience and understanding of life.
A subsection explores the effects of smelling and tasting on inner body awareness.

INTRODUCTION: How i started getting interested in how animal sense the world
Buddhism: The Third Truth and The Middle Way


Chapter One

The most original and significant areas of this site are about the usage and effects of the so-called 'peripheral senses'.

We need clear words to think clearly.

The English term 'peripheral vision' is a good word to describe the way humans use this way of sensing in a secondary manner, subliminally aware of the peripheries while focusing straight ahead, for example when driving.

The new concept of broadband with its wide bandwidth of specialised data transmission, is an ideal word to describe how animals sense a wide range of signals, movements and changes, within the entire field of vision or sound. (Extra notes onTerminology)


Seeing: Going on the Lookout
Listening: The Simple Sense of Now

After many years of experiment, i have only had limited experiences with what i could call broadband smelling. However smelling and tasting opened up a whole new depth to inner body awareness.
Mindfulness of Breathing, Smelling and Tasting


Animals have two ways of using their senses, focused and broadband.
The primary use of focusing is for doing and getting.
The primary use of the broadband mode is for staying safe.

There are many different usages and special applications of the broadband mode. Predatory animals combine it with focusing to detect specific prey. My prime intention is to discover and describe broadbanding in its purist form, as all vulnerable animals use it: to stay safe.

The value of broadbanding will only be fully clear to people after they've experienced it. However modern humans typically want to know why they should do anything, so i hope the theory may actually inspire some people to do it.

From my experience focusing and broadbanding are completely distinct and different ways of sensing. They are different perspectives, a different experience of what is happening in life, and of how life actually happens.

The Two Modes Of Sensing
The Values and Benefits of Broadband Sensing

Additional Introductory Ideas
A Human Birthright
Extra Values and Benefits
Ancient Cultures and Broadband Sensing
Special Cases : Autism - A.D.H.S.


Chapters 2 and 3 continue with a variety of games and experiments to further develop these neglected senses.

The essays and entire site keeps on developing, changing, simplifying. If you haven't the time to read it all now, please bookmark this site and come back later.

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