Buddhism, Wheels and Repetitions


This section of the site is intended only for people with a special interest in Buddhism.

What i have discussed so far about wheels and repetitions, is all i needed to write as an introduction to panoramic sensing.

Without first confirming and establishing the First and Second Truth, any further discussion of the Third Truth, or all the traditional and alternative interpretations of the Middle Way, would only lead me to years of intellectual debate.

Beginners will not know the texts well enough to think critically, so i will have no authority. But then i suggest researching Wikipedia and a few Buddhist websites online, read the following appendices, and see what you think ...

Traditional Buddhists may have no interest, for good reason – they have been attracted to Buddhism, and it works for them, in its present form.

Buddhism today is a remarkably versatile religion, but I believe it has specific and very simple truths which have been clouded over with the years.

So for me, the first step is finding Buddhists, who know the texts, who can understand my ideas, and feel that this is "Right Understanding".

Please continue with the historical and practical development of the wheel

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