You are welcome to do whatever you imagine it feels like for animals (or babies), (or maybe autists).
The following are my experiments, they may help.

Going Panoramic

Chapter Four - Seeing and Listening

Seeing Everything
Listening Out
Sensing The Changes
Seeing With Closed Eyes

Chapter Five - Smelling and Tasting

Savouring Scents (seperating the in and out-smell)
Combining the In and Out-smell


Feb 2022 - For 3 years now, i've been writing and rewriting this site, slowly hopefully developing a professional sounding writing style which captures my reader, planning the subject matter, all a new experience. It's all not perfect - it hasn't all slipped into place yet.

But personally now, i am really enjoying a pause and doing balanced meditations with devotional stuff, inner body awareness, and the panoraming all together again - i was getting (idiotically) overfocused on writing these essays.

I am not enlightened or clever enough to plan it all. And there is no need. There are already tomes of literature recommending the value, individually and culturally, of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and spiritual devotion. These are already written about in far greater depth than i could cover.

So, the following sections are purely for people who are already interested in body awareness meditation or devotional worship.

There are a few side points which panoramic sensing and empathy with animals has opened up for me, and i'd like to add them here ...

How Panoramic Sensing supports the sense of Belonging to a Great Spirit.
 – And ...
If you're interested in internal body awareness, you've probably done it with your inner sense of touch, maybe visualisations, you might like to try listening, smelling and tasting.

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