The benefits, advantages and other good things about panoramic sensing, are scattered throughout the site.

Sept 19th : NOW ! The following is a temporary very rough collection of ideas ... and its messy - but this could be an important angle for some people, i don't know.

Panoramic sensing stops the continuous chatter in our minds as described in The Simple Sense of Now. It's a moments simple and direct peace of mind, a moment of feeling still inside, and a feeling of integration with the world around us. The Unifying Experience is explained in Welcome to the Panorama.

There are sure to be more benefits than i can define. I am a beginner. The only reason i have any credibility is because no-one else seems to have ever studied this. There are some actual direct effects, and these experiences have had side effects on my understanding of life.

The first obvious and deepest idea, comes from the experience that panoramic sensing is impractical for thinking or wanting. Wanting and thinking are dependent on focusing. I explain this throughout Chapter Two and in the opening pages of Chapter Five

Other advantages are clarity of thought and it's a unifying influence.
In The Unifying Experience I explain how focused sensing evolved to do things and thus always involves a subject and an object. In a broadband reality the feeling is : our senses are the door. This is another way of experiencing life.

Broadband sensing is a baseline experience for any pilosophy or psychology of man. Then without it, we are only experiencing a limited version of what human beings can do and be – and consequently only understanding humans in the context of a relationship between focal points: 'I' and 'God'; or self and the world – without the broadband feeling of integration.

In The Simple Sense of Now i explain how sensing the movements and changes happening now, neutralises thinking and wanting.

There is another direct effect this has on our understanding of life. It can hardly be called an analysis. It is an experience which is obvious when you do it.

One of the first experiences of sensing in this way, is witnessing and knowing the reality that lots of things happen randomly. Everything is not either choice or consequence, or predictable in any way. Even if it could be explained by analytical thought, the experienced reality of panoramic sensing is of spontaneous movements and changes happening randomly.

Things repeat, but not in circles or regular patterns. One day i hear a dog barking three times, then two days nothing, then another bark. A small fly does a wiggling dance, probably unique, a one-off. Life is full of suprises. Things often repeat, but they repeat randomly

So, previously i would have tacitly agreed that things went in circles, life was a circle, and things were either choices or consequences. But they aren't. Things aren't only choices or consequences, they are also random. And only few natural things are circles, they repeat, but irregularly with no pattern. So, it altered my understanding of life.

There are several youtube videos on 'perpiheral vision' which suggest that panoramic seeing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and prevents alzheimers disease. These are areas i am not competent to discuss.

I repeatedly have the effect of it stimulating happiness. This is especially noticable with seeing when being aware around the periphery. I have no good rational explanation for this. Please see an old page: The Benefits and try it yourself.

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