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I repeat: Tastes and smells involve inner body awareness. This is so subjective that it would be easy for any individual to start deluding themselves about how it feels, and i don't want to get involved in anything an innocent animal wouldn't feel.

So on the subject of inner body awareness, there is a subsidiary index page discussing the need to ask young children how it really feels. I need them to teach me. What is a healthy and natural approach to taste, smell, and inner body awareness?

With The Lips Closed - Combining the In-Smell and the Out-Smell

The first smelling exercise was necessary. I find it essential to have gone through this process of separating the in and out-smell. But now, i am starting to explore it all again with the normal way humans have of smelling.

The normal felt-reality for humans is that breath and smell seem to enter into the back of mouth, and it is as if they are sensed with the upper surface of the tongue and the roof of the mouth, (if your tongue is hanging, as it normally will be).

On the out-breath, the air and smell enters the back of the mouth it then (if you forget everything you know) it seems to come directly through the mouth and out of the nostrils, so that the way it feels internally (and quite irrationally), is that the roof of the mouth is directly connected with the nostrils.

With our 'normal' way of smelling with the mouth closed, the in and out-smells become merged in the mouth, neck, and head area. There are areas where in or out-smell seems to predominate, but they are not as clear. The body sensation of the in-smell going to the sides, legs and arms, with the out-smell coming from the stomach are still relatively clear, but the head and neck sensations are totally different.

I obviously can't prove this, but i think if you forget all you know and just feel like a new born animal, it's easy to experience it yourself.

It feels as though the in and out-smells fills up this larger mouth area. It feels as though the roof of the mouth is much higher than it actually is. And it feels as though it is the roof of the mouth and the upper surface of the tongue which actually sense the smells. The sensation of the oral cavity can become so large that it can sometimes feel as though it fills my entire brain area, leaving about an inch of skull around it.

Even a rudimentary self examination shows that this cannot be true. But i doubt if young children or animals would ever think about examining themselves in this way.

I suggest that this is the felt-reality for humans, and if you find it is your felt-reality, then it is necessary to experience it fully. It is vital to recognise the felt-reality. In the same way that emotionally and psychologically we need to be in touch with our feelings and recognise them, even if they are irrational, in order to be whole. To heal ourselves physically and make us whole, we must acknowledge these irrational inner body sensations and work with them.

There are sure to be other methods of smelling which i haven't yet discovered. I welcome your feedback.

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