This essay is a summary of The Amazing Development of Focusing and Beliefs and Their Confirmation.

The Development of Focused Thought
Focusing with our senses and our thoughts is how humans survived.

We could select ideas and we could remember, i.e. we could focus on memories, repeat things and learn. And as we associated selected ideas we became clever and creative. Humans processed, collected, and communicated ideas quickly, and we soon learnt to repeat an extraordinary amount of tricks. And from chipping the first flint tools, to making fire, and then wheels, it was a remarkable story, wonderfully creative, and life slowly became more pleasurable and secure.

And when humans developed beliefs with Gods and ideologies, they gave our lives meaning, and became the central priority for our sense of reality, identity, purpose, and even hope. They became our central focus point.

And it really didn't matter much what we believed in, as long as everyone in our social group unquestioningly believed in the same thing. Like most other animals, our survival depended on the unquestioned feeling of belonging in a group. And for humans this meant the mutual confirmation of the ideas and beliefs of our tribe.

But slowly, over the last few centuries, as modern man explored his abilities with focusing on abstract thought, we started questioning our beliefs. This was the start of a new era, and now we have lost the mutual confirmation of our social group.

Our modern fight for survival is in the abstract dimension of ideas, beliefs and opinions. The mutual confirmation of our tribe has disintegrated, and with the modern multiplicity of beliefs, there simply isn't enough mutual confirmation to go around, and there never can be.

So now, regardless of our modern material security, we feel insecure. Perhaps we cope admirably, but all the time, we are coping against an insecurity which no other animal or pre-modern human has ever experienced or even imagined.

And we are overcompensating with the only thing we know, our species' tried and tested survival strategy, our culture's habitual rut – focusing with our thoughts and senses.

Modern day humans hardly ever use their panoramic senses. We only encourage and develop our focusing abilities. The human survival strategy lacks a fundamental balance. And after an astounding million year long history of focusing for our survival, our strategy has now led us to a critical point.

This leads us to Displacement Activity. In Displacement Activity i discuss the illness animals suffer when they feel insecure, and how they compensate with habitual but inappropriate activities.

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