This zip is safe, it contains only html files, jpgs and gifs, and a style.css
a wonderful old fashioned method of swopping info. in the years before flat rate and viruses ... and then do stuff offline

'Commemoration Zip' - the sort of first complete version - from 16th June 2021 which was also my 70th birthday - 577 Kb

The site is just developing, this page is a personal archive.
Please obviously download the most recent zip.

From Oct.7th 2021 - 608 Kb last version with 5 Chapters
From 29th Nov 2021 - 600Kb - three main chapters
Jan 14th 600Kb - First Two Chapters sorted

New version from March 1st. 616Kb - a feeling of completion and relaxation - every strand of the original connections are noted in this version ... two shortened main buddhist pages ...